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A Salute to Superwomen

The portrayal of a powerful woman in mass media usually falls into two

Indelible Impressions

The impressive wine cellar wall in full display to diners, containing fine wines primarily from Bordeaux and other immense selections from the world’s best producing wines, is enough to get you revved up at this French restaurant in Resorts

Lifestyle and Culture
It’s a Ruff, Ruff World

Certainly it is an inarguable fact that a dog is man’s best friend. Then again, a dog can be anyone’s best friend. Their devotion, friendliness, and uncomplicated disposition can’t be beat. Plus their very forgiving nature

Joy Martinez Onozawa: Environmentalist

Her first love wasn’t in architecture, but in the arts. Joy Martinez-Onozawa always wanted to be a ballet dancer in New York, but things didn’t turn out her way. Luckily indeed, because there would


Sandwiched between the two large countries of India and China is a Kingdom where the measure of progress is not by the popular idea of Gross Domestic Product (GNP) but through its unique theory of Gross

North American Friendship

Friendship and camaraderie seem to be the prevailing atmosphere as two of the major allies of the Philippines celebrated their own national days—Canada and the United States of America. A home’s warmth is what had greeted members of the diplomatic

Ode to Family and Financial Education

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA in Accounting and having worked for several years in the finance industry, I decided it was time to upgrade my knowledge. As a self-supporting student who wanted a quality education,

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Unearth The Pocket Universe Art Collective

Fostering artistic pursuits in this small corner of the art spectrum An artist will create regardless of the situation, despite constraints placed upon him. But an artist thrives best without boundaries, it’s when they’re set free that their passion